Chile Verde de Puerco

Green chiles and tomatillos simmer with pork cubes for a classic Mexican stew. This deeply-flavored chile stew is typically served over potatoes or rice. Accompany with Corn Country Squares or warm corn or flour tortillas and plenty of cold beer. …

Jollof Rice

There are lots of versions of Jollof rice. It is a common West African dish. The most common basic ingredients are: rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, and onion. Serve with Jalapeño Corn Bread and deli coleslaw.

New Mexican Pork Stew

This is a stew that doesn’t have to simmer all day: The flavors come together quickly on the stovetop for a busy weeknight supper. Serve over hot cooked rice with sour cream and warm Corn Muffins.

Creole-Style Pork Stew

This recipe was developed by Chef Bruce Aidells, author of Bruce Aidells’s Complete Book of Pork.

Triple Pork And Navy Bean Stew

This is “the” hearty soup to rally the troops for an afternoon of leaf raking. Plan ahead and soak the beans overnight; then simmer to tenderness with bacon, ham and pork loin adding flavor. Serve with hearty bread.